Cancer Care Here at Home: Campaign Goals

The Cancer Care Here at Home campaign will raise funds to place vital equipment in the hands of our dedicated healthcare professionals, ensure patient programs are available to support those fighting cancer, and provide funds to lead cutting edge research and innovation, all aimed at enhancing cancer care, right here at home.


Greater effectiveness in cancer care and, ultimately, patient quality of life can be attributed to state-of-the-art equipment.

The acquisition of the latest in specialized diagnostic imaging equipment will provide healthcare teams with the tools to pinpoint cancers and confirm diagnoses. This vital equipment, along with surgery assistive tools and various support technologies, will increase accuracy and efficiency in oncologist assessments.

These new technologies will support decision making and treatments, along with aiding the reduction in wait times and the need to travel for cancer care.

This equipment will ensure the new Cape Breton Cancer Centre is equipped to deliver a standard of care, now, and into the future.

The following are items on the Campaign’s vital equipment list:

Interventional Radiology (IR) Room
This space will allow physicians to perform image-guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with accuracy and efficiency.

Thoracic Surgery Clinic
This clinic will allow for specialty surgical oncologist assessments and decision making, which will alleviate travel for patients, as the experts will come to them.

Teleoncology Equipment
This telemedicine technology provides patients in any geographic location access to high-quality treatment from oncologists and top specialists without the need to travel or wait for an in-person appointment.


It is increasingly recognized that many patients who are diagnosed with cancer will experience depression, anxiety and, as a result of treatments, the possibility for a reduced quality of life.

Advanced care in programming will offer patients state-of-the-art cancer are, ensuring patients have access to the social and emotional tools to fight cancer, leading to better outcomes.

The following are programs the Campaign will raise money to support:

Complementary Therapies Program Fund
Modern Cancer Care is much more than medicine and treatments. Scientifically proven complementary therapies ensure support for cancer patients throughout their entire journey and lead to more successful outcomes.

A dedicated complementary therapies fund will support such areas as proper nutrition, stress management, massage, reiki, musical therapy, cancer transition and mind and body practices such as yoga, Tai chi and meditation.

Exercise in Cancer Program
With research demonstrating that exercise for cancer patients can affect outcomes prior to and after treatments, it is commonly prescribed as part of a patient’s treatment plan. Along with reducing depression and anxiety, increasing energy and strength, and reducing pain, exercise has been found to trigger stronger anti-tumor activity in the immune system.

In partnership with the YMCA of Cape Breton, a program is being designed specifically to support those who are undergoing cancer treatments. Together we can ensure the entire person is treated, not just the cancer, and work toward success.

Cancer Patient Care Fund
A cancer diagnosis often means the loss of the ability to work – for both patients and care givers. This, along with expensive medications and travel costs, can throw patients into financial crisis.

In 2005, the Cape Breton Cancer Centre identified that financial struggles were weighing on many patients undergoing cancer treatments. This fund, which is administered through the Cancer Centre social worker, provides support in areas such as medications, travel costs associated with medical appointments, income support, dental costs incurred as a result of cancer treatments, and many other necessary costs.


The Cape Breton Regional Hospital is one of two hospitals within the province that has the capacity to conduct clinical research.

The Cancer Care Here at Home campaign will create a Cancer Care Research and Innovation Fund specifically designed to support healthcare professional-led research. Researchers can apply for funding, which will be vetted through a committee of researchers and cancer care clinicians.

The Cancer Care Research and Innovation Fund will support the new Cape Breton Cancer Centre as a hub for innovation and world-class research to test new and ongoing treatment options. This research has the potential to change cancer care delivery and attract medical professionals from around the world.