The Need is Great and the Time is Now.

In a single moment, cancer is a word that changes lives. Care exemplifies all of those moments, both medical and kindhearted, provided to a patient by their cancer healthcare team. And, home is the place where one feels a sense of belonging and comfort.

Along with some of the highest rates of cancer diagnoses in the country, Nova Scotia Health’s Eastern Zone, which includes Cape Breton, has patients who present at later stages in their diagnoses; an aging population; the highest rates of poverty in the province/country; and one of the highest mortality rates from cancer in the country.

Raising funds to place vital equipment in the hands of our dedicated healthcare professionals; to ensure patient programs are available to support those fighting cancer; and to provide funds to lead cutting edge research and innovation, the Cancer Care Here at Home campaign will support healthcare experts in transforming the future of cancer care in Cape Breton, ensuring patients battling cancer have access to the best possible care right here, at home.

Cape Breton’s New Cancer Centre

Above is a rendering of the new Cape Breton Cancer Centre (right), Clinical Services Building (left), and on-site energy centre (bottom left). The new sites are located behind the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

With a patient-centered focus, the new Cape Breton Cancer Centre is being designed in consultation with those who understand and know the needs of cancer patients best – front line healthcare teams and patients of the current Cancer Centre.

The new 65,000 square foot space will aim to be comfortable, supportive and strive to focus on the needs of both patients and their families.

The new Cape Breton Cancer Centre will:

  • Increase the ability to deliver chemotherapy and provide flexibility to adapt to future changes in treatment;
  • Contain space for the addition of supports such as education, nutrition, psychology and social work;
  • Include options for holistic care as part of cancer treatments;
  • Allow space for volunteer programs;
  • Contain audio-visual equipment so patients can virtually include their families in their treatment journey; and,
  • Expand research and clinical trial capacity.

This state-of-the-art facility will help to attract researchers and clinicians to advance cancer care and improve outcomes for patients, right here at home.

Cancer Facts and Statistics in Cape Breton

Statistics show that one out of two Canadians are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Nova Scotia ranks third in the country for cancer diagnoses, with 6,900 people being diagnosed each year. These rates are higher still within Nova Scotia Health’s Easter Zone, which includes Cape Breton.

The Cape Breton Regional Hospital and its cancer centre support the needs of the Eastern Zone of Nova Scotia Health. Of this Zone, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality is the second largest population centre. This population base deserves the right to receive all of their cancer treatments here at home.

Along with its higher rates of cancer diagnosis, the Eastern Zone also has higher poverty levels. The ability to receive cancer care close to home will ease the financial burden of travel costs, and ensure patients have the warmth and support of family, friends and community close by while they fight.

The Cancer Care Here at Home campaign wants to ensure the people of Cape Breton Island and the Eastern Zone of Nova Scotia Health have access to the vital equipment, patient programs and research and innovation needed to stay close to home during some of the scariest days of their lives.

Cape Breton has the highest levels of both poverty and cancer in the province. This population base should have the dignity to receive cancer care, here at home.