Cancer Care Here at Home

Raising $10 million to enhance cancer care for the people of Cape Breton.

With one of the highest rates of cancer in the country, Cape Breton requires a cancer centre equipped with cutting edge technologies and the latest in programming to provide a fighting chance for those battling cancer.

As a part of the Regional Hospital, the Cape Breton Cancer Centre first opened its doors in 1998, and was built to sustain 16,000 patient visits annually. Today, visits have more than tripled, and the Cancer Centre sees more than 45,000 patient visits each year.

While the “heartbeat” of the old Cancer Centre is large, its infrastructure is ill-equipped to meet current and future needs.

The time is now for a new Cape Breton Cancer Centre. We are stronger together and together we can ensure our friends, families and neighbours have the best possible cancer care, right here at home.

Above is a rendering of the new Cape Breton Cancer Centre (right), Clinical Services Building (left), and on-site energy centre (bottom left). The new sites are located behind the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. The new Cancer Centre is being designed in consultation with those who understand and know the needs best – front line healthcare teams and the patients themselves. The space will aim to be comfortable, supportive and strive to focus on the needs of both patients and their families.

The Government of Nova Scotia has committed a once-in-a-generation infrastructure investment in Cape Breton to include a new standalone Cape Breton Cancer Centre of more than 65,000 square feet.

To support the efforts of our Government, and ensure that the best and most comprehensive cancer care is available in Cape Breton, we have launched our largest Capital Campaign to date.

We have a goal of raising $10 million to enhance cancer care, here at home.

The Cancer Care Here at Home campaign will focus on raising funds to place vital equipment in the hands of our dedicated healthcare professionals; ensure patient programs are available to those fighting cancer; and, provide funds to lead cutting edge research and innovation.

“Our goal is to transform the future of cancer care on our island. We need to ensure that the people of Cape Breton have access to the best possible cancer care, here at home. Because, for many, travelling 5-hours during their most vulnerable days, simply isn’t possible.”

-Mike McPhee, Chair, Cancer Care Here at Home Campaign