Dan MacDonald’s Journey with Long COVID

— My wife has always been a strong person. But I never realized just how strong until this past year: She was called into the hospital three separate times, being told I wouldn’t make it through the night. In 2022, I contracted pneumonia, and afterwards, COVID-19. After a visit to… Read more “Dan MacDonald’s Journey with Long COVID”

Gordon MacDonald’s Story

– Two decades ago, I was told I had less than six months to live. But I’m here to tell my story, 23 years later, because the Cape Breton Cancer Centre saved my life. When I was 37 years old, climbing a hill on my postal route, I found myself… Read more “Gordon MacDonald’s Story”

Tanya Howley’s Story

  — For my 40th birthday, I booked a mammogram. You see, I’m a rule follower, and in Nova Scotia, 40 is the recommended age for your first annual screening. Never in a million years did I expect they would find anything. In fact, I still don’t believe it’s true,… Read more “Tanya Howley’s Story”

Allan MacDonald’s Story – Fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Here at Home.

  — These past few years have been tough on most of us, myself included. In fact, this past year has been the hardest of my life. I’ve spent almost every single day at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, watching several of my loved ones be cared for by health… Read more “Allan MacDonald’s Story – Fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Here at Home.”

Erin MacEachen

  It was Thanksgiving Day when I first found a lump. I had recently finished breastfeeding my daughter, Emma, and thought it was common for women to have cysts appear afterwards, so it was likely no big deal. I went about my day and my husband, Jody, and I continued… Read more “Erin MacEachen”

Shannon Forrester

(Pictured above: Shannon Forrester (left) stands by her mother, Eileen, and father, Walter, as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal in 2020.)   Health is not something my family and I have ever taken for granted. My mom’s chronic illness began when she was just 30… Read more “Shannon Forrester”

Lisa MacEachern-Burns: Life Doesn’t Stop

  When I was a child, I would hear the word “cancer,” and think it was simply something my grandparents had. As I got older, it became something I donate to. But now, I have a much deeper understanding of the word. Because now, it’s become a part of my… Read more “Lisa MacEachern-Burns: Life Doesn’t Stop”

Petra Buis: Forget Me Not

  My fiancé Andrew and I have always wanted a family. We excitedly began family planning in October 2018, and felt lucky to become pregnant eight months later, in May of 2019. We shared this joy with one another but were waiting until we made it to 12 weeks –… Read more “Petra Buis: Forget Me Not”

Walk with Me: Connor’s Story


“Everyone is afraid to say it,” Chelsea McLellan says boldly. “Suicide – nobody wants to talk about it.” At 21 years old, Chelsea hopes to someday pursue a career in psychology – but for her, the terrifying truth about suicide became real less than one year ago. “My brother was… Read more “Walk with Me: Connor’s Story”

Danielle MacKinnon-Allen’s Story


“I have two daughters, Kinsley is 18 months old and Aselin is 4. Your children should never have to see you go through what mine have seen me go through this past year.  They have had to see me so sick, weak and in pain and in such fear for… Read more “Danielle MacKinnon-Allen’s Story”

Joan’s legacy


I give monthly and I do it in memory of Joan.” Sid Hardy lost his wife, Joan Hardy, 13 years ago. A beautiful life was cut short because of cancer. Sid sat down to tell us about Joan and her giving spirit that lives on. “I feel her with me every day,”… Read more “Joan’s legacy”

Ellen’s Story


This year, Ellen MacKenzie was diagnosed with breast cancer. “Everybody has that one thing in their lives that gives them incredible strength and determination. Something that offers them power that they never knew they had and allows them to overcome any physical or emotional obstacle. Mine is my five year… Read more “Ellen’s Story”

Jason’s Story


“I can’t say I’ve had an easy life. I’ve had my struggles and my demons, but cancer was by far the worst. My name is Jason Fedora and I’ve spent a lot of my life in Alberta, but I’m a Cape Bretoner, through and through. Currently, the status of my… Read more “Jason’s Story”

Dylan’s Legacy


He’ll never admit it, but he’s kind of a legend around here. Dylan Mombourquette is not only well-known for his years of punk rock in the Cape Breton music scene, as a drummer for Ricochet, session work with Lakewind Studios, Christmas Daddies and some other familiar local bands, but his… Read more “Dylan’s Legacy”

Molly’s Story


At 6 years old, Molly has a lot on her plate. With many medical concerns that make even the simplest of tasks difficult, Molly is as brave as they come. This past week, Molly’s uncle Joel and new aunt Caitlyn MacQueen made an incredible gift to the Cape Breton Regional… Read more “Molly’s Story”

Giving at Home – Greg MacLean’s Story

Pressing his hands against a warm cup of tea, sixty-six year old Greg MacLean of Sydney River tells his nurse Margaret a story about his three and a half year old granddaughter, Ella. As Margaret hooks him up for 3.5 hours of chemotherapy treatment in the Cape Breton Cancer Centre,… Read more “Giving at Home – Greg MacLean’s Story”

The Power of Positivity – Tanya’s Story

“Every day when I wake up, I live every day for that day,” reveals Tanya Gracie. At 38, she is a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a patient at the Cape Breton Cancer Centre. “I knew something wasn’t right,” Tanya reflects on the months leading up to her diagnosis… Read more “The Power of Positivity – Tanya’s Story”

Mom and Baby: Laura MacNeil’s Story

Laura MacNeil and her husband Dan prepared for what would be one of the best blessings in life; the birth of their first child. Laura, a psychologist (candidate register) at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, had a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy. She and Dan eagerly awaited the arrival of their… Read more “Mom and Baby: Laura MacNeil’s Story”

The Laurendeau Family


Can you imagine spending a decade wishing for one special miracle? Well, my wife, Tanya, and I did—you helped our wish come true. For 10 years, Tanya and I tried to have a baby. Doctors confirmed that we were in good health, but we knew that even if we weren’t… Read more “The Laurendeau Family”

Autumn’s Story


The sun dances on the right side of seventeen year old Autumn MacDonald’s face as she reflects on the shadows of her past. “I always felt like people were looking at me,” she explains about her struggle with social anxiety. “I would hide under the covers, not wanting to get… Read more “Autumn’s Story”

Island Breast Friends

breast friends

A group of 5 women, called the Island Breast Friends have been raising money for Breast Cancer for nearly 14 years. On October 29th, they presented the Cancer Patient Care Fund with $8,500 to support cancer patients facing financial stuggles as a result of their diagnosis. The gorup, consiting of: Patsy… Read more “Island Breast Friends”

Claire’s Story


It was an act of kindness that offered Claire’s two children some sense of normalcy when she was battling cancer at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. It was your donations that gave them comfort. She was here in Cape Breton, but they were 200 kilometers away in Antigonish. At only 9… Read more “Claire’s Story”

Jeff’s Story


Jeff Mills’ Story: My life was almost cut short this year. I survived, but without proper cardiac care and operating room equipment, many won’t. The Executioner. That was the name of the boat I was asked to help fix. It’s also a fitting name for the boat that nearly took my… Read more “Jeff’s Story”

Danielle’s Story


I thought this past December would be my last Christmas. I honestly did. I didn’t know how I was going to explain this to my 4 daughters… After a diagnosis of cancer, I felt as though my world came crashing down around me. I felt like my life had completely… Read more “Danielle’s Story”

Harland’s Story


“I’m starting to feel much better. I don’t have to get chemotherapy anymore and I don’t feel as sick. My name is Harland Fraser and I was diagnosed with a brain tumor this year. The kind of cancer that I had is only in 4% of kids who have cancer,… Read more “Harland’s Story”

Caleb’s Courage

  Caleb’s Courage celebrates the life, love, & legacy of a beautiful, brave little boy named Caleb William MacArthur. On his third birthday, Caleb was diagnosed with cancer – Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma (a rare childhood cancer that starts in immature nerve cells and ultimately forms solid tumours). Just… Read more “Caleb’s Courage”

Jennifer’s Story


“I could have gone back to have all my cancer treatment at Mass General Hospital, America’s #1 Research Hospital and Harvard Medical School’s original and largest teaching hospital, but I wanted to have my treatment at home – and that’s what Cape Breton is to me. My name is Jennifer MacDonald and… Read more “Jennifer’s Story”

Brenda’s Story – Bringing Concentrated Care Home to Cape Breton


“When I was told I had stage II pancreatic cancer, it was like the wind was taken from me. Time stood still for a moment, but it seemed like forever. Then I heard my sister’s voice saying, “We will get through this.” I knew we would. My name is Brenda McCarthy and… Read more “Brenda’s Story – Bringing Concentrated Care Home to Cape Breton”

A Tribute to Cayla Toomey


Cayla Toomey couldn’t remember her wedding day. Not because she was caught up in the moment, or because it was a whirlwind day. She doesn’t remember her wedding because she was barely conscious, and her family thought she was breathing some of her last breaths. On April 9, 2020, Cayla first… Read more “A Tribute to Cayla Toomey”

Tanya Jessome


“When I was first diagnosed with bladder cancer, I was absolutely devastated. I was only 38 years old and the word ‘cancer’ was terrifying. I was a young Mom of three, living in Bras d’Or, and I wasn’t ready to battle this disease. It was May of 2014, but it… Read more “Tanya Jessome”

Carrie Ann Maloney


Carrie Ann Maloney: Fighting for Time, Fighting for Family “Cancer doesn’t define me, but it is threatening to take away everything we worked so hard for. It is relentless and cruel.” Carrie Ann Maloney knows she’ll never ring the bell to signify that she’s cancer free, but she continues to… Read more “Carrie Ann Maloney”

Julie MacKinnon

Julie and Brent MacKinnon sit on their step with their two dogs.

  On my 50th birthday, I received the most devastating news. They had found a mass: My husband of 27 years, Brent, had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. “I’m so sorry I have this now and you have to go through it again,” he said. My response was, “I’m here.… Read more “Julie MacKinnon”

Alexandra Szeto: Cancer Changed the Course of my Life

    When I was just 19 years old, I felt like my life was spiraling out of control, and that I was losing everything I had worked so hard to achieve. I had just graduated high school, began my university studies, and was making important decisions for my future.… Read more “Alexandra Szeto: Cancer Changed the Course of my Life”