Carrie Ann Maloney

Carrie Ann Maloney

“Cancer doesn’t define me, but it is threatening to take away everything we
worked so hard for. It is relentless and cruel.”

Carrie Ann Maloney knows she’ll never ring the bell to signify that she’s cancer free, but she
continues to fight. She fights for something most precious: time with her family, which she and her
husband worked so hard to build, and time with her friends.

Carrie Ann is no stranger to having to fight. Though she’s been diagnosed with stage four melanoma,
one of her biggest fights thus far was the fight to adopt three children with her husband Troy.

“When we adopted Sam, Jamie and Austin, our lives changed forever,” says Carrie Ann. “They were
the pieces that were missing from our family and they made us whole. They needed us and we
needed them. It was the biggest fight with the biggest reward.”

Fighting cancer is just one more chapter in Carrie Ann’s life, and she says she and her family are still
writing the pages.

“We all deserve more time,” says Carrie Ann. “The donors of the CBRHF and their gifts are helping
to make that a reality by funding specialized equipment, facility upgrades and patient programs not
just for me, but for anyone who has to hear those dreaded words – you have cancer.”

Carrie Ann would like to thank our donors for giving, and says that her family appreciates each of
you for your kindness and generosity more than you’ll ever know.

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