Joan Hardy

Joan Hardy

I give monthly and I do it in memory of Joan.”

Sid Hardy lost his wife, Joan Hardy, 13 years ago. A beautiful life was cut short because of cancer.

Sid sat down to tell us about Joan and her giving spirit that lives on. “I feel her with me every day,” Sid smiles with tearful eyes.” She was an amazing mother and an incredible nurse.”

Joan always gave back and after she passed away Sid continued to give in her memory. “I give every month,” Sid says, proud of honouring his wife. “I wanted to put a memorial in the newspaper every year to honour her, but my daughter, JennIfer, suggested we give back to the foundation instead.”

Jennifer had raised $1,500 at StFX with a fundraiser and had come in to the Radiothon to make her gift. That inspired Sid to keep giving.

Not only does Sid give back monthly, but he honours other family and friends with gifts to the hospital foundation. “Why would I buy a sympathy card when I can make a donation and the foundation will send a card for me?” Sid points out. Instead of flowers, sympathy cards or gift baskets, Sid simply calls the foundation and we do the rest.

After giving for years, in April of 2013 Sid suffered a heart attack himself. Sid was rushed to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital where his son Jeff  was working in the OR. His life was saved.

Since then, Sid has had three other surgeries at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. His most recent surgery was in July of this year and today he is feeling the best he’s felt in almost 5 years.

“Right now I’m pain free of everything,” Sid gleams with positivity. “I walk into that hospital with my worry, concern and pain at a 10 and they bring it down to a 2.”

Today is a hard day for Sid, missing his wife never goes away. But, he finds comfort in giving back and making the hospital comfortable for everyone to come.

“It’s what Joan would have done. She was the most amazing nurse and the best Mom.”

Sid knows that giving where he lives is the best way to remember Joan. By giving back,  he is making sure that his daughter, his son and his grandchildren will have excellence in healthcare at home in Cape Breton.

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