Kristin Crowe

Kristin Crowe

To the valued donors of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation:

As a medical social worker at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital (CBRH), I want to personally thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for the direct and positive impact you’re making in the lives of patients and in health care in Cape Breton.

I see your impact every single day.

My name is Kristin Crowe, and my role at the CBRH is to support patients and their families when navigating complex health care journeys. I offer this support by developing individual patient care plans, providing counselling, and with the help of donors like you, providing financial assistance to those in need.

More than 600,000 patient-visits are made to the CBRH every year. With high levels of poverty on the island, many of these patients require financial assistance so they can focus on their health, rather than their finances, during some of their scariest days.

People cutting life-saving medications in half because they cannot afford their prescriptions; missing specialist appointments due to travel costs like cab fares and gas; not being able to return safely home from hospital due to lack of personal accessibility equipment – these are the very real health care scenarios that folks in our community are facing.

Fortunately, though, there are people like you who have stepped up to help – true beacons of hope. Because of your generosity and compassion, many of these barriers to health care can be overcome.

My colleagues and I have worked with the Foundation to create a new patient-centered fund to continue to eliminate barriers to health care for those who need it most in our community. Named the ‘Vital Patient-Care Fund,’ it aims to support patients on every floor and unit of the CBRH.

Because of donor support, the Vital Patient-Care Fund has already significantly impacted the lives of many Cape Bretoners.

We have been able to ensure patients can access life-saving medications such as insulin. We have been able to discharge patients more quickly, freeing up beds for others in need, by purchasing wheelchairs, crutches, and other accessibility equipment needed for patients to be safe at home. We have been able to support families travelling across the Island to be by their loved one’s side while undergoing critical care. We have ensured that patients have clean clothing in which to leave the hospital.

I am beyond grateful for all the donors of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation. You are not only providing hope and light to some of the most vulnerable in our community. You are also creating more inclusive and equitable health care opportunities, providing dignity and relief to our friends, families and neighbours, during challenging times.

In the past year, the Foundation saw a 72 per cent increase in funding needs, such as individual patient supports. With high levels of poverty, an aging and growing population, and an expanded cost of living, donor support is needed now, more than ever.

A patient’s ability to afford health care should not dictate their access to quality care and support. Together, we can help ensure equitable health care provision for all Cape Bretoners.

Thank you for your past generosity. I hope you feel proud knowing the impact that you have had on health care in Cape Breton, as it’s truly remarkable. If you’re able, I hope you’ll continue to give to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, because you care.

Kristin Crowe,
Medical Social Worker, Cape Breton Regional Hospital,
Fellow Cape Bretoner

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