Caleb William MacArthur

Caleb William MacArthur

Caleb’s Courage celebrates the life, love, & legacy of a beautiful, brave little boy named Caleb William MacArthur.

On his third birthday, Caleb was diagnosed with cancer – Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma (a rare childhood cancer that starts in immature nerve cells and ultimately forms solid tumours).

Just as Caleb’s cancer journey began so did his fascination with superheroes. He was intrigued by their mighty superpowers and fearless quest to defeat evil — an allure so timely, it was uncanny…as Caleb prepared for the fight of his life FOR his life.

For an entire year, Caleb battled this villainous cancer like a real-life superhero. Proudly sporting his superhero pyjamas and armed with his favourite sword, Caleb embraced each day with couragestrengthhopejoy, and love – these were his mighty superpowers 💥.

Caleb was and will ALWAYS be our superhero❤️

In 2015, Caleb’s Courage was lovingly created by Caleb’s parents, in their son’s memory, to support critically ill children and their families in Cape Breton. Their mission – “helping little superheroes fighting BIG battles” – is inspired by Caleb’s superhero spirit and fuelled by YOUR superpowers – kindness & generosity 💥.

Caleb’s Courage is 100% donor funded, meaning all of the funding for sick children is made possible because of your donations.

This is why every dollar is SUPER important! These special gifts are life-changing for families in the battle of their lives! Thank you for shining a little light in their darkness.

With heartfelt gratitude on behalf of our family 💕

Caleb’s proud Mommy

Nicole Forgeron-MacArthur

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