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McHappy Day

McDonald’s has been an outstanding community partner and friend of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation. Over the last decade, with support from all of those who participated in our community, over $442,000 has been raised through McHappy Day events on the Island. Thank you!

McHappy Day 2024 takes place on May 8. Show your support by purchasing any menu item or donating to our volunteers in the drive thru. Locations supporting our Foundation are Sydney, Glace Bay, Walmart Spar Road, Sydney River, and North Sydney.

This year, local McDonald’s restaurants have an ambitious goal of purchasing a variety of priority equipment needs at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Here are some of the priorities of McHappy Day Cape Breton 2024:

Bladder Scanner

A state-of-the-art bladder scanner is needed for the Emergency Room, and costs $15,995.00. The scanner provides a patented algorithm to measure and determine bladder volume and the need for catheterization. This device will help several patients who come through the ER with accurate and efficient diagnosis.

Mobile Tele Pack & Endoscopic Video Unit

The Mobile Tele Pack + Endoscopic Video Unit costs $45,509.00 and will support three units within our hospital: Pediatrics, Emergency Room, and Intensive Care. The Unit is vital for the efficient and effective treatment of various ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions, and ensures that vital ENT services are readily accessible whenever, and wherever, needed. It is vital for early detection of throat and laryngeal cancers; diagnoses of epistaxis; safe and switch removal of foreign bodies, a common emergency in children; and, enhancing safety outcomes across multiple care settings.

Blanket Warmer

A blanket warmer, sometimes called a warming cabinet, is needed in the Family Newborn Unit, and costs $12,000. It is used to store and warm blankets, gowns, washcloths, towels, or other linens, providing comfort and warmth to patients. Either to keep a patient’s body at normal temperature in cool medical procedure rooms, or to provide comfort, warmth and to ease anxiety to patients waiting on surgery, this warmer will become a welcomed and valuable tool for health care experts.


We can’t wait to see you on May 8 for McHappy Day Cape Breton!



May 08 2024


All Day


Sydney, Glace Bay, Walmart Spar Road, Sydney River and North Sydney