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Payroll Giving

Payroll giving to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation is a convenient way to give smaller, frequent gifts, which add up to have substantial and positive impact on health care in your community.

Similar to contributing to a retirement account, payroll giving allows your employer to deduct an amount of your choosing from your salary each pay period. After a one-time set-up with your Human Resources/Payroll department or representative, you’ll be on your way to supporting your friends, family and neighbours who need it most. And your tax-deductible gifts will be shown on your T4 at the end of the year – no need to track down receipts.

If you are interested in giving to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation via payroll deduction, please contact Craig Joseph at 902-567-2773 or

Your Impact

Each year, there are more than 600,000 patient-visits made to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital (CBRH). As the main referral and trauma centre for our Island, the CBRH offers emergency services, ambulatory care, palliative care, pediatrics, general and specialized medical and surgical care, diagnostic imaging, cardio/pulmonary/neuro services, clinical support services, mental health and addiction services, and more.

Our Foundation features more than 80 unique funds to support health care needs throughout every floor of the CBRH and beyond. As a payroll deduction donor, you choose the area of care to which your gift goes. Whether that be to support the purchase of a vital piece of equipment; to directly support patients’ additional health care needs such as travel, purchasing personal equipment, or medications; or funding research, innovation, and professional development for health care staff.


Payroll Giving for Employers

Copol International has been a longtime supporter of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation through their payroll giving program that began in 2015. Over the past seven years, Copol International employees have given more than $17,000, while the organization contributed $19,537. Combined, they have given an incredible total of $36,636 to strengthen health care in their community. Thank you!

Payroll giving is a popular option offered to many employees throughout organizations across the world, helping to unite organizations and allow employees to feel a part of their community.

As an employer, offering payroll giving programs to your organization can help you live, breathe, and communicate your organization’s values to both employees and the public at large. Payroll giving programs also remove barriers and provide access to ongoing charitable giving for employees who may not have credit cards or the means to give larger gifts. Additionally, payroll giving programs significantly reduce ongoing administrative and merchant fees, meaning your employees’ gifts will have a larger impact on priority health care needs in Cape Breton.

Our team is here to support you in creating a payroll giving program that makes sense for your organization and its employees. Whether you plan on providing a matching incentive, onboarding packages, or general payroll deductions, we will help customize your program to suit your needs and goals.

If you are interested in partnering with the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation to host a payroll giving program at your organization, please contact Craig Joseph at 902-567-2773 or

Frequently Asked Questions

By supporting our Foundation, you are helping to provide the best possible resources for health care experts on the Island, as well ass directly providing care support for Cape Breton patients in need.

Your gifts will help limit the number of off-Island trips a Cape Breton patient needs to take in order to ensure their health care needs are met. And, when travel is a necessity, your gift will help ensure that patients in Cape Breton can afford food, gas, travel accommodations and more, that accompany an off-Island trip and specialty health care needs.

By donating to our Foundation, 100 per cent of your donation helps to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of patients in Cape Breton can receive the best possible care, here at home.

Our Foundation has more than 80 funds that help to strengthen specific areas of healthcare offered on our Island. Here are just some of the funds and areas you can contribute to by participating in the Payroll Giving Program:


  • Ambulatory Care
  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Cancer Patient Care Fund
  • Cape Breton Cancer Centre
  • Coronary Care Unit
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Emergency Department
  • Geriatrics Services
  • Heart Lung Wellness Centre
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Mental Health Units
  • Mom and Baby
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Operating Room
  • Orthopedic Unit
  • Palliative Care Unit
  • Rehab Services
  • Renal Dialysis Unit
  • Respiratory Services
  • And More
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As a donor, you do! When signing up for payroll giving, you’ll specify where you would like your donation to go.

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Yes! Your donations are 100 percent tax deductible. If your employer offers payroll giving, you will notice your contributions each year on your T4.

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You can specify when you’d like your first donation to be deducted from your pay. Your donation will be deducted each pay period, unless you notify the Foundation that you wish to change or stop your donation.

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Yes – we understand that situations change. If you need to cancel or change your contribution to the Payroll Giving Program, please contact us.


If you are a Nova Scotia Health employee, sign up for payroll giving here.

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Otherwise, if you are interested in giving to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation via payroll deduction, please contact Craig Joseph at 902-567-2773 or