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Point of Sale Program

Point-of-sale charity programs are becoming a popular way for businesses and corporations to give back to the communities in which they operate.

When you become a Point-of-Sale Partner to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, you and your organization will be helping to strengthen health care for our friends, families, and neighbours, right here in Cape Breton.

With more than 80 funds from which to choose, hosting a point-of-sale program in support of our Foundation allows your organization to support an area of health care that directly ties to your brand’s mission, vision, and values.

Our team will work with you to help customize a program that makes sense for your business, your message, and your audience, all while making a positive impact in an area that touches us all: health care.

Each year, more than 600,000 patient-visits are made to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. With the help and generosity of our donors and partners, our Foundation supports priority health care needs of the Island by purchasing vital equipment, supporting general and individual patient care needs, funding research and innovation, and more.

To learn more, please contact Máire Neville at 902-567-2772 or

Hosting a Point-of-Sale Charity Program

There are several ways to host a point-of-sale charity program. When partnering with the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, we’ll work with you and your team to launch a program that makes sense for you, your business, and your sales operations.

Here are a few ways point-of-sale programs can take place:

  • Pin-up Badges: Customers are asked to give a specific amount, and in return, their name is displayed on a badge pinned somewhere prominently in the business.
  • Donation Request: Customers are asked to give a donation of their choice, either by a cashier/sales representative, or an automated screen or pin pad ask.
  • Coin Collection: A canister, box or other collection device is placed at point of purchase with messaging on where a customer’s spare change will be donated.
  • Round Up: Customers are asked upon checkout if they’d like to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar, with the overage going to the charity program.
  • Matching Donations: Some businesses incentivize their point-of-sale program by offering to match donations made by customers, up to a certain amount.
Ardene, located in the Mayflower Mall, hosted a Point-of-Sale donation request program, which resulted in a donation of $1667 to the Pediatrics Unit at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in hosting a point-of-sale charity program in support of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation. If you’d like to host your own program, or learn more, please contact Máire Neville at 902-567-2772 or