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Your Dollars In Action

With every gift you make to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, you help strengthen the health of Cape Bretoners.

Your donations fund equipment, renovations and programs that aren’t funded by government and wouldn’t be funded without your support. Quite simply, you help deliver excellence in healthcare.

In 2019, thanks to our donors, $6,210,560was invested into Cape Breton’s healthcare by our incredible donors, to fund priority needs. 

Some of our donors’ most notable achievements from 2018-2019 include:

  • More than $65,000 was disbursed to families with sick children through the Pediatrics TLC Fund
  • More than $15,200 was disbursed to families with babies through the Mom and Baby TLC fund to support new families in Cape Breton 
  • More than $16,000 was disbursed to families sick children needing to travel through the ReMax Travel Fund 
  • We’ve reached more than $750,000 raised for Caleb’s Courage to help critically ill children in Caleb’s name.
  • More than $475,000 disbursed to cancer patients through the Cancer Patient Care Fund
  • A record breaking RadioDay, raising more than $1,058,000 for cancer patients in Cape Breton
  • More than $62,000 disbursed for mental health and additions services 
  • Committment to a multi-year multi-million dollar campaign to help build cape Breton’s new Cancer Centre

None of this would have been possible without your donor support.

To make sure the next patients have access to important care, please give today. Your generosity can make all the difference in the world for the next patients in need. 

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